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Tradamus – Structuring – Segmenting


Segmenting allows for much greater control on your Material. For example you could create segments for each chapter from a multi-chapter witness or your commentaries for each chapter from a single Material that contains all the chapter commentaries. This means you can segment you materials for easier use with Tradamus without having to restructure you materials as multiple documents. You can create this structure within Tradamus with out having to rework your content to be structurally consistent before bring it into Tradamus. it also allows you to segment the same Material in as many ways as you like without having to alter or rework the original source. This makes collation much more flexible and makes experimentation and multiple approaches to the content viable from the same set of original Material without having to rework that original Material.

Tradamus allows your Edition/Publication to be built of multiple, well-structured and well-annotated segments made from your Material. In order to support this we have built a tool Create Segments. The Create Segments button allows you to break your content into manageable pieces to allow you to have greater control in collating different elements of you witnesses as well as reordering them to facilitate this without the need to physically reorder the contents of the witness so your content remains true to its source while being usable especially when you need to reorder the content or need granularity in the collation of you witnesses. When you do this you are creating structural annotations of the Material.




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We will be publishing a series of entries on this blog in the coming weeks on how to use Tradamus.

The next blog entry will be on Outlines.

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