Tradamus – Structuring


Creating Structures is simple way to select and order the parts of your witness texts or other content as you want. The advantage to doing this is it allows you to deal with one piece of your content at a time in a manageable way while creating a useable structure for that content as you go. This has a number of immediate benefits. If you are bringing your content in from T-Pen and you have the first chapter transcribed for all your witnesses this will allow to start collation without needing your entire text transcribed. It also facilitates feeling with transposed or absent parts in the witnesses easily.

There are three steps to structuring

  • Create Segments. The Segments are the basic building blocks of your edition. They can be any number of things from individual chapters of your witnesses to single pages to the introduction or commentary you want to add to your edition. There are several benefits to doing this which will be explained in tomorrow post called Segmenting.
  • Once you have your Segments made you will collect them in Outlines which you can then collate. Attempting Collation of entire texts without creating manageable Outlines first is possible but it can take several days or more for CollateX to complete. We allow for this longer collation with an option to receive notification when the collation has been run.
  • Once your witnesses and other materials are collated, annotated and tagged you can put them in Sections to allow you to order them in the desired fashion for publication. You can generated indexes and other apparatus’s from these sections as you orange the sections for publication.






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Tomorrow: More Details on Segmenting.


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