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Outline is the term we use to describe a gathering of Segments as a structural annotation. An Outline is the group containing one or more Segments. By grouping Segments into Outlines you will be able to more easily manage you content for collation and it is required for any content to be available for drafting for a publication. For example to collate all chapter one Segments from your witness Materials you would put them together in a single Outline. Thus by collecting Segments into an Outline you will be creating a well-structured set of Segments to facilitate collation. It also means that if you have other content you wish to use you do not have to break it up externally but could bring it into Tradamus, segment it into the desired parts, put those parts in the appropriate Outline so that they can be collated or added to sections with collations for arraignment for publication via drafting.

You cannot collate any material until you have put the desired material in a segment and gathered the desired segments together to make an Outline.

The Outline is where you will be doing the vast majority of your scholarly work. you can collate outlines, as well as annotate them as much as you want or need. you can tag them for more detailed indexing or apparatuses or to help with formatting during publication.




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We will be publishing a series of entries on this blog in the coming weeks on how to use tradamus.

The next blog entry will be on Sections.



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