Sounding Childhood

The Helpless Lamb

The original song is called "The Helpless Lamb."  If you listen carefully, though, you will hear that we modified it to "The Helpless Pig" when singing it before our Charlotte's Web theatre production! (not a professional recording; used with singers' parents' permission)

(v. 1) Little lamb, so young and fair,
     What a helpless thing you are!
Swiftness, strength, nor sense have you,
     What, in danger, could you do?
Lions boast a mighty paw,         
Eagles have a piercing claw;
Bulls can gore, and dogs can bite;
You can neither fly nor fight.

(v. 2)  Foxes have a cunning sense,
Goats have horns for their defence [sic];
Strength nor cunning you possess,
                Unsuspecting helplessness!
Timid hares can run full well,
                Even snails can boast a shell;
Some can hide, they are so small;
You have no defence at all.

(v. 3) Yet your shepherd’s hand and eye,
                Ev’ry want can well supply;
At his side you need not fear,
                Danger cannot reach you there.
I am weak, poor lamb, like you,
                Need a guardian shepherd too;
That Good Shepherd, Jesus, need,
                Or I shall be weak indeed.

(v. 4) May He, ever at my side,
Be my Wisdom, Guard, and Guide;
May He aid my weakness still,
Keep me from each threat’ning ill.
Let me never dare to rove
From His happy fold of love;
If my Shepherd be not night,
                What a helpless thing am I!


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