Sounding Childhood

Little Deeds of Kindness

The anonymous words to "Little Deeds of Kindness" (music by H. A. Clarke, in Eddy #6) reflect on the ides of small-ness, and no matter how small something is, from a flower to a child, they and their actions are vital to the improvement of the world.   This song honors the value of those things deemed too “small” to count by society: the “little cowslip” (v. 1), the “little dewdrop” (v. 2), the “little breezes” (v. 3), ending with the importance of the “little child”—and, specifically, the actions of children: “How many deeds of kindness…a feeble one may do / For others by her love” (v. 4).  The condescending word-choice is indicative of its time (“little strength,” “feeble”) but it is notable for the ultimate theme of empowerment of children. Kind actions can and should be given to both child and animal, reflected in this song

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