Sounding Childhood

Liberty, Love, and Peace

Liberty, Love, and Peace reflects on these noble goals not only for humans but for all animals.  With words by Charles T. Brooke, set to Kellers’ “American Hymn” (Eddy #106), specifically for the Bands of Mercy, this militant song encourages “marshal[ling] forth / Thy Bands of Mercy / o’er all the earth” (v.1) but for noble, peaceful purposes: “Conq’ring the world for the kingdom of above” and “Kindness to all the creatures of God!” (v. 1); and, more broadly, “Till war, oppression and hatred cease / In the reign of Liberty, Love, and Peace” (v. 2).  Sung to the very deliberate, steady tune of Kellers, the song can be very inspirational.

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