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Types and types of Business Plans

 There are four kinds of business plans. There are also miniplans (or very short plans that are very short). There are working designs, presentations plans, and even electronic plans. They require different amounts of time and yield different outcomes. That means a more extensive plan is not always more effective than a shorter plan depending on what purpose you are employing it for.

 The Miniplan. The Miniplan. A miniplan could be one to 10 pages in length. It should be focused on key issues like business ideas, financing needs as well as financial statements. Cash flow, income projections, and balance sheets are all crucial. It's an excellent method to test a business concept or measure the interest of a prospective partner or a minor investor. It can also serve as a guideline to develop a more thorough strategy.

 Be sure not to abuse your miniplan. It's not intended to substitute for a full-length plan. If you submit a tiny plan to an investor who is looking for a more comprehensive one, it'll make you appear foolish.

 The Working Plan. A working plan is a device that you can utilize to manage your business. It has to be long on detail but may be a bit sluggish in presentation. Similar to a miniplan, you can probably afford a somewhat higher degree of candor and informality when preparing an outline.

 A document designed for only internal use could also leave out certain elements that are important in one intended for someone who is not part of the firm. An appendix with the resumes of key executives is not necessary. The working plan will not greatly benefit from photos of the product, for example.

 The quality and fit are likely to differ when working on a plan. It's not required that the working plan be printed on a high-quality paper and placed in a fancy folder. A simple three-ring binder will suffice.

 A plan of action that is internally consistent with facts and figures is as important as one that is targeted at people from outside. While you must be cautious about spelling mistakes, consistency with dates, and adhering to business formats, it's not required to be as precise. The document is similar to the old khakis that you wear to work on Saturdays or that truck that never seems to be in a state of repair. It's intended to be used, not to be admired.

 The Presentation Plan. If you choose a practical plan that has a minimal emphasis on aesthetics and impression, and twist the knob to increase the amount of attention paid to its appearance, you'll wind up with an effective presentation plan. The plan is able to be presented to bankers, investors, and other people who are not part of the business.

 A presentation plan has similar information to an operational plan. However, the style may differ. In a presentation plan, you will use business vocabulary. It is also possible to eliminate informal jargon and slang that is commonly used in workplaces. These readers will not be familiar with your business. This plan isn’t meant to replace any of working plans.

 Additional elements will also be needed. Investors want to know regarding all possible risks and threats. Even if some of them are of minor importance, it is important to address them by providing the information.

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 The specifics of presentation and design are what make the difference. Working plans can be printed on the office printer, and then stapled to one corner. A high-quality printer should print a presentation plan and possibly in color. The book should be bound professionally to make a sturdy, easy-to-read book. It should include illustrations tables, charts, graphs, and tables.

 A presentation plan must be clear and consistent throughout the organization. An unsympathetic outsider might think that this is a false representation. This could cause you to appear less cautious. It is possible to wonder if you need $40,000 to finance the plan However, the cashflow projection shows $50,000 in financing within the first year. We didn't amend the summary to reflect the new numbers. However, it is highly likely that the person you're asking for cash will be so generous.

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 The Electronic Plan. The majority of business plans are created on a computer of some kind, then printed out and then presented in hard copies. Information that used to be sent on paper between business partners is now electronically transmitted. You may feel it is suitable to create an electronically transferable version of your plan. An electronic plan is useful in presenting to groups that use overhead projectors or to satisfy the requirements of investors who wish to get into the finer details of complex spreadsheets.