service or product

6. Start an email mailing list.

 An email list is one the most effective and efficient methods to expand a business quickly. You'll need an effective lead magnet. If not, no one would sign up to your email list. The lead magnet is the initial step in creating an effective sales funnel. Think about companies such as ConstantContact or ConvertKit, Drip and GetResponse to help you build and manage your email lists.

 7. Create strategic alliances

 Strategic alliances with the top companies can make all the difference. It is possible to reach a wide range of your customers in a short time by forming strategic alliances. Identifying those partnerships might be easier said than done. However, you should look for companies that are complementary to yours. Contact them and propose opportunities for working together.

 8. Profit from the world's largest platforms

 You can sell your products via the e-commerce platform. Why not use Amazon's FBA service? In the business of selling services? Use Upwork instead! Upwork is a great tool for renting holiday homes. You can leverage global platforms such as InvitedHome, HomeAway, and AirBnB to let vacation houses. Find a platform that has high saturation. Use it to quickly expand your business.

 9. Licensing deals

 Doing licensing deals is a great way to grow your business without much added effort. You can easily expand your business by licensing a product to other businesses and sharing revenue. You can reach market saturation faster by licensing your product to an organization which has a large presence.

 10. Look into a franchise.

 If you own an established business and are keen to expand it quickly, you might consider franchising. Franchise costs can be expensive and require more marketing knowledge to make the transition to a franchise system be successful. But, it can be an excellent option to help you achieve rapid growth.

 11. Diversify the offer portfolio

 Diversifying your offering is possible. How can you offer additional products, services or information to your business? To grow, you must consider expansion. Identify new opportunities within your field. Learn what your customers are looking for. What other services can you offer your clients? What other ways do you bring value to the exchange?

 12. Build passive income streams

 The growth of a business requires a lot of effort. Consider creating passive streams of income for those who have low margins. You won't have as many concerns about your finances. The passive income gives you the opportunity to make mistakes and not have to lose your shirt. It will keep your business going and provide you with plenty of resources to aid you in growing and scaling quickly.

 13. Purchase other businesses.

 Sometimes, it's possible to acquire other companies to quickly grow your business. If you are able to find other businesses in the same industry or with similar businesses, they can be utilized as platforms to scale quickly. To find opportunities, look beyond your field.

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 14. International expansion

 Are you able to expand internationally? Can you take your existing offerings and expand them to the international market? What does it take to establish an enterprise in Canada, Mexico, Europe? If you have a converting deal, international expansion might be an option. You'll incur some costs. Sure. The potential earnings are enormous.

 15. Create a webinar.

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 Webinars are a fantastic method of promoting your service or product. It can also help to grow any business fairly quickly. Webinars are a powerful selling tool that lets you take any product, service or idea to market quickly. Webinars are an excellent method to draw people in and make sales.