A business's reputation is key to increasing

It's always the best place and at the right time

  sales. Roofers don't have to spend all their time fixing roofs. Instead, they should concentrate on making their company the first company people think of when they need one. This is called branding. 

These business owners may be roofers, tree trimming expert, or even a seller of office equipment. However getting the right customers in the appropriate time frame for a business selling pasta is easier. Everyone needs to eat and, even if it has to be gluten-free, most people eat pasta. These products are essential for consumers. To run a business that will endure the toughest of economic times, sell something that everybody really wants.

5. The market is less limited

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Whatever the product or service you offer it is certain that you will have a an untapped market. Consumables offer more flexibility however, they also give you less control. If I decide to sell BMWs or fix roofs my market is limited to people who are very wealthy or have roofs that are damaged. A body wash that smells of pear will restrict my sales, but a neutral scent has much more potential because everyone uses soap.
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Limiting your market could be among the most costly mistakes that can ruin the performance of your business dealing in consumables So, only limit your market only if you know it well. Your choices for products that are niche are much more streamlined than those of the roofer. When you have a handful of loyal customers who are purchasing your soaps, it's easy to suggest a scent that smells similar to pears.