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Sounding Childhood


The Children's Hymn Choir, June 2015

  • Director: Jessica Raposo
  • Piano: Caryl Bailey
  • Recording engineer: Chris Robinson

Solo and Duet

Solo: Annetta Itnyre, ages 8-11

Duets "Jesus bids of shine" and "Gentle Jesus, meek and mild": Madelyn Brunton and Annetta Itnyre, age 8

Other Duets: Lydia Shively and Annetta Itnyre​, ages 15 and 13

Piano: Caryl Bailey


The initial project of 2015 was supported by several people at Indiana University East, Richmond, Indiana, and I thank them: Dr. Jay Barbre, Interim Associate Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs, and his committee, for awarding Jessica and me a Summer Faculty Fellowship to support the camp in 2015; Dr. Jason Troutwine, Vice-Chancellor of External Affairs  and Dr. Ross Alexander, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, for granting me the initial webspace; and Dr. Gregory D. Weber, Professor of Informatics, who gave about 3 months' of hard work to create the initial webpage, at

The second project of 2017, seen here, also had immense support. The Victorian Song Camp of 2017 was once again supported by a Fculty Research Grant from IU East.  The invitation to join the Sounding Victorian project was given by Dr. Phyllis Weliver.  The Sounding Childhood website was developed by Donal Hagerty of St. Louis University, with financial support by my Dean, Dr. Ross Alexander at IU East.  I thank everyone for this honor and help.

Finally, I thank my home church, Central United Methodist Church, Richmond, IN, who allowed us use of their sanctuary for the Hymn Camp in 2015 and also the Victorian Song Camp in 2017, and has, in other ways, supported my hymn projects for several years.


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