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IIIF Cookbook: Data Recipes For Humans

As with any standards committee or best practices group, there is a subgroup tasked with providing examples for the internal community as well as external implementers.  For IIIF, this group is the Cookbook group.  Examples exist in the public Cookbook that properly format data assertions and combine them with resources in order to enhance those resources.  […]

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Page Tools – Editing and manipulating columns.

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Tradamus – Structuring – Outlines

Outlines Outline is the term we use to describe a gathering of Segments as a structural annotation. An Outline is the group containing one or more Segments. By grouping Segments into Outlines you will be able to more easily manage you content for collation and it is required for any content to be available for […]

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Tradamus – Structuring – Segmenting

Segmenting Segmenting allows for much greater control on your Material. For example you could create segments for each chapter from a multi-chapter witness or your commentaries for each chapter from a single Material that contains all the chapter commentaries. This means you can segment you materials for easier use with Tradamus without having to restructure […]

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Tradamus is a free digital Critical Digital Edition creation web application. Whether you have straight transcriptions of your text or full TEI encoded documents you can bring them together in Tradamus to build a Critical Edition using the methodology that you want. From the Apparatus Criticus to the final publication you decide! Annotate witnesses, Collate […]